Image Organizer 123
Simplify Your iWorld
Never again be overwhelmed by the photos and videos in your life. Image Organizer 123 Version 2 lets you easily create albums, compare, sort and edit photos, add captions, create slideshows and share albums or images directly to other Apple devices without any connection to the internet.
Whether you are editing photos from your Camera Roll on your iPhone or making final comparisons for a photo album on your iMac, Image Organizer 123 allows you to powerfully compare multiple images at once, even if they are from different albums so you only keep the best ones.
Organizing your photos and videos could not be easier. Build albums using moments, photos, videos or other albums.

Image Organizer 123 allows you to find and move photos from album to another and reorder photos with ease, giving you the tools to create fully-customized albums of your favorite photos and videos.
Transfer photos and videos or albums to any iOS device or Mac. Image Organizer 123 transfers hassle-free and without the fear of your photos being lost or shuffled.

The process is easy - select your destination device, and transfer.
Image Organizer 123’s powerful editing allows you to crop and rotate as well as add customized captions to your photos in the style and color of your choice. If you later change your mind about your changes, no worries, just undo your edits.
Working with images between your iPhone, iPad and Mac just became easier. You can do everything; compare, organize, edit and share images on all your Apple devices. You can now work with your photos on your iPhone during your commute, eliminating unwanted or duplicate images, edit and organize, and then send the results to your iPad or Mac for viewing and storage.

Image Organizer 123 MacOS has been completely rewritten allowing you to manage all your images and videos and yet keep them in your own folders. You remain in control because your images and videos stay in their original folders, you can manipulate them using your favorite apps. Image Organizer 123 allows for easy organization by allowing you to set up albums and easily drag images and videos into multiple albums. Since your images remain in their original folders, they can be backed up by time machine. Save your important photos from other apps such as Messages, Mail and Browser web pages such as Facebook by dragging them into Image Organizer 123 albums.

You can also create multiple Image Organizer 123 MacOS Libraries. An Image Organizer 123 library can be created on your local drive, USB drive or network drive.

Managing your iPhone or iPad's storage is now simple and worry free, just transfer an album to your Mac and remove it from the device. Share an event's photos with a friend - select the moment and transfer. No more one photo at a time. All the photos arrive in an album. Simple.
“OMG - This app is fantastic! I'm a teacher and I take a lot of pictures and receive a lot of pictures from parents! I needed to organize them so I could upload them to our school website. When I was trying to make an end-of-year album, i was able to just drag photos from folders and emails directly into albums. So easy! I could even compare photos from multiple albums to decide which kid pics were the best to include and make edits as necessary. The help file made it so easy!”
– Julie B
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