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First, anytime you are ready to enter Image Organizer, just touch the < Image Organizer button at the top left corner of this screen.

Image Organizer 123 is a revolutionary photo organization app that allows you to compare and edit photos, add captions, and send photos as albums directly to other Apple devices.

We all take a lot of photos, and it's a difficult task to organize them in a meaningful way. These tasks are made exceptionally easy with Image Organizer 123.

There are three tabs and a search box at the top of the screen. Initially, Image Organizer 123 opens with Moments selected. These are the "Moments" contained in the Apple Photos app. The "Album" tab displays your Camera Roll and any albums in your Photos file, and the "iCloud" tab displays shared albums from you iCloud account. Each tab is listed with the most recent on top.

Help is available anywhere you see the Information button on the app. Anywhere you see the "See How" eye button See How, that will link to a See How page, which will explain the function and also show a video clip displaying a demonstration.

Touch a Moment or Album to view it's images and videos See How. The images display on a grid screen, where you can view/edit images, rearrange their order, show the images in a slideshow, create a new album, or append the images and videos to an existing album. On the "Select" screen, you can select multiple images to work with. Albums can be edited using the Compare screen as well.

Touch "Select" to select one or more moments or albums. Once selected, you can create a slideshow See How, transfer the items to another Apple device See How, create a new album See How,  or append items to an existing album See How.

Compare allows you to create or edit an album. You can add images from multiple moments or albums. Advanced searching allows you to find images within a location or time frame. Compare up to 2 images. Zoom and Pan images individually to make comparisons easy. Either add images to albums or remove them See How.

Transfering Images and Videos between Apple Devices
You can transfer moments, albums or selected images and videos from any Mac, iPhone or iPad to any other Apple device that has Image Organizer 123 loaded. This allows you to combine images and videos from multiple sources from the same event or just copy images to your other devices See How.

Working with individual Images
While viewing individual images, you can Edit (crop, rotate, add a caption) See How, view metadata See How, print the image, or delete the image See How. While looking at images, you can swipe left or right to switch between them. You can also touch the image to make it full screen See How.

Print image
Print your images See How.

Create and play beautifully-customized slide shows See How.


Moment A group of images by location or date.
Albums A personalized group of images
Camera Roll All the images residing on the local device
iCloud Albums being shared by other people in the iCloud.

Version 2.00.4