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Getting your Images and Videos into Image Organizer 123
Organize your images into albums from multiple sources. You can import a folder of images using Create Album from Folder or Import Folder. You can import selected images by using Album Import, or you can drag images from a folder into an open Image Organizer 123 Album. You can also drag images from any app that supports dragging images into Image Organizer 123, including iMessenger or Mail. You can also transfer images from another Mac, iPhone or iPad if it is running Image Organizer 123. View

Freedom to access you images
Your images are imported into Image Organizer 123 to allow them to be placed into albums, slideshows, etc. However, the images themselves are still in the folder in which they originally reside so that you can access them using your other photo applications. Search for images using filename and path, description text, or image meta information.

Viewing and Organizing Images
Albums and Folders can be viewed in a grid of images, or in a table with the image and it's information. You can easily reorganize your images by dragging them from one poosition to another. The images can be resized, allowing you to easily compare and sort them. You can select images to see them individually as well. View Album      View Folder

Viewing More than One Album or Folder
You can open multiple albums and folders on your screen, allowing you to build a new album from multiple sources.

Working with Multiple Images
View images in their own windows, opening as many as you want. Place images side by side to compare them. Your images can be cropped or rotated, and you can add captions or filters. You can also view the image's location and metadata (camera dependent), or print your image. View

Create and play beautiful slide shows accompanied with default music from Image Organizer 123 or songs from your iTunes library. View

Transfering Images between Apple Devices
You can transfer selected images, an album, or folder to any IOS or MacOS device running Image Organizer 123. Once the transfer request is accepted, the images are transfered to the device and placed in an album. It could not be easier.

Printing images
Print all the images in a album or folder or selected images from the album or folder. Select paper size, image size, or even print a contact page from the print screen. View

Exporting an Album or part of an Album to a Folder
You can export all of the images in an album or just a selected group of images, as easily as selecting the images or album and then selecting a folder to place them in. You can also drag images to other apps such as iMessenger or Mail.
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